Structural Engineering

We deal with all parts of the Structural Engineering, Design Process & Design Concepts…

Design and modelling of structures utilizing various materials. Parametric based components such as foundations, walls, beams, trusses, slabs and bracings are incorporated in the design process to ensure dimension based creation and alteration of structural components.

  • Complex analysis: Engineering analysis and mechanical troubleshooting to determine the etiology of manufacturing problems. Technical monitoring and determination of in-service problems.
  • Product development
  • Coordinated construction documentation.
  • Value and reliability engineering.
  • Our time-tested Structural Engineering Design Methodology includes the following outlay
  • We undertake conceptual, preliminary and detailed design projects and are enabled by our well-trained engineers and extensive domain experience.
  • Our project engineers, electrical and structural designers will work with your primary contact to complete the structural design package required.
  • Our engineers will adapt their structural analysis approach to conform to your requirements and structural standards. This will allow the input of information in the form of an easy-to-use graphical interface and intuitive input methods such as sample AutoCAD drawings.
  • We also work with your engineers to develop design standards and a communication plan that will ensure consistent, repeatable and high quality performance on all such projects, now and in the future.


Project Management

Project management is critical to effective design and construction of building and engineering projects. It is key for construction managers to complete construction projects as specified, on schedule, and within budget.

  • With an efficient team of Engineers, Swastik Engineers has also commenced Construction project management services for Real Estate Projects in India.
  • Our Construction project management services encompasses following:
  • Construction Planning
  • Cost Estimation
  • Construction bid management
  • Organizing
  • Effective Resource Allocation and advising contractors and developers for Utilization of Labor, Material and Equipments.
  • Scheduling of Construction
  • Monitoring and Controlling Costs
  • Controlling and Improving Quality and Safety
  • Project Communications Structural Engineering Services


Cost Estimation

Our construction cost estimation services include the following outlay:

  • Estimating Basic Material Costs
  • Estimating Engineering Activities
  • Establishing and Production Engineering
  • Estimating Establishing, Production, Assembly and Construction Activities
  • Construction Activities
  • Labor Allowances
  • Estimating Supervision, Direct Management, and Other Direct Charges
  • The Use of Factors in Estimating



Our engineers have the ability to perform an in-depth analysis on your input of hand sketches, 2d drawings or even blueprints and provide construction cost estimations and building cost estimations in terms of cost values.

These cost values are then converted into 2d drawings consisting of plans, elevations or sections.

Our engineers can then provide 3d models based on the inputs we receive from you to truly give a realistic dimension to the cost of construction of a building.

Our panel of experts will interact with you personally to come up with engineering based cost control methods that ensure you get maximum quality buildings for the least cost.

We have a distinctive building cost estimation and construction cost estimation control service. There are many pure software solutions to building cost estimation and construction cost estimation. What makes us unique, is our emphasis on giving you a solution that will meet your business need. Our building cost estimation and construction cost estimation experts offer one-to-one assistance and recommendations. Our estimators compile and analyze data on all of the factors that can influence costs-such as materials, labor, location, and special machinery requirements. Our cost estimator then prepares time-phase charts and learning curves to specifically analyze the above factors for cost reduction in materials. The estimator will also calculate the standard labor hours necessary to produce a specified number of units and then identify areas where checks can be applied resulting in significant time and labor reductions.


The cost estimation services are provided by a combination of Civil and Structural Engineers for Civil works and by Mechanical engineers for Mechanical works and by Electrical engineers for Electrical works.

Our project engineer will work with your primary contact to complete the services required. The project engineer will play a management role with regards to the team of engineers, graphic artists and technical assistants. As a result, you will have a single point of contact, the project engineer, who will assist in all major design decisions influencing building and construction costs. The overall cohesiveness and high talent level of our team make them work as a unit thus allowing effective communication with your design team.


While estimating building designs, we can utilize the Elemental Method of cost analysis process, which consists of subdividing the cost of the building into its functional elements. The advantage of Elemental cost analysis over the traditional Trade analysis, especially in the early design process is that it takes into account that materials determine the cost of each element but the function they perform may be similar. Furthermore this type of analysis is extremely straightforward and provides a framework for determining cost for projects at the early stages of design. However, the trade format is the conventional format used for the basis of construction, so whatever analysis is utilized in the early stages, the final outcome will be in whatever trade format the contractor is using. We integrate our professional skills with advanced Software packages to enable a comprehensive solution to building and construction cost estimation. Once the entire service approach has been completed to your satisfaction, then our documenting software can present the building and construction cost estimates in a clear and concise manner. The estimate will break up into multiple components so you can see the cost allocated to each and every aspect of construction cost estimation. For example:

  • Concrete volumes
  • Division of steel requirements based on diameter
  • Reinforcement
  • Brick, plaster, flooring and skirting areas
  • Quantity statement in conventional L-B-D format
  • Cost estimate for user provided item rates.
  • Our analysis comes in both tabular formats as well as if required, graphical outputs that will make client interaction significantly more insightful.

Furthermore, even at this stage we are still flexible enough to make changes as per your requirements, thus creating software customized for your individual needs.

We have the infrastructure to support and facilitate your needs

We are a company who understands the dynamics of outsourcing and have vast amount of expertise garnered over the last ten years. Our Engineers are well trained and have an expansive amount of industry rich experience. This enables them to meet the international standards of building and construction cost estimation with respect to the current industry standards. We are equipped with state of the art infrastructure and cutting edge technology including sufficient bandwidth, which is compatible with the requirements of outsourcing.