Quality Policy & Publications

Our Quality & ISO Policy

Our Customers appreciates our Quality.

We are taking care of following aspects.

ECONOMY : We are the only one in field of Civil & Structural Engineering with Optimization concept in mind and practice. We provided the most economical section with utmost stability and for that we take special care without sacrificing the strength.

STABILITY : We are one of the most competent consultants in the market when stability is of prime concern.

TECHNOLOGIES KNOW HOW : We are associated with research work and we know the latest inventions in this field including materials, methods and designs, etc.

SAFETY : In all our projects safety comes with stability.

DETAILING : We are providing one of the most detailed drawings for better understanding of our design, that can easily understood by a layman even to build anything like Tower, Tank or Textile Mill.

SERVICE : Our client appreciates our excellent and timely service in this field from Rajkot to all over India.

SOLUTION PROVIDING : We are the ultimate solution provider in all cases like Government, Bank, Customers Care, etc. with solving all kind of problems like that of Factory Act. SECFA, Etc.


“We at swastik engineers , have adopted & communicated throughout the company, policy to operate our business with focus on customer satisfaction by delivering services on time, and continuous improvement in all areas of our business operation as the ultimate objective ”